Cindy G. LaCost, Psy.D., Psychoeducational and Psychological Assessment


Regardless of the referral question, the report will be written with your child’s needs in mind. Because I am familiar with how various “systems” work, my reports go beyond reporting data, making diagnoses and giving general recommendations. In other words, I use the appropriate language (e.g. school district, regional center, medical, psychological, public entitlement programs) to clarify and delineate precisely what your child’s needs are and how they would best be met.

I am not a lawyer, and am happy to provide you with several referrals; however, if I have written a report about your child, I am happy to accompany you to your Individual Education Plan (IEP) team meeting, mediation or fair hearing with the school district to explain the results. I have attended IEP team meetings for over 13 years, and am competent to assist you with explaining the contents of the report and requesting the recommended services. I can also attend Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) meetings or appeals at the Regional Center. Further, I will collaborate and consult with members of your support team (e.g. advocate, lawyer, psychologist, primary care doctor, psychiatrist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, social skills facilitator, teacher, one-to-one aid, community interventionist, behaviorist, vocational counselor) when it is in the best interest of your child, and only with your permission.